Boat Storage


Maintenance service and boat storage

Palermo Group offers shipbuilding services. We have always dealt with boat storage in Naples: keeping the boat and equipment dry and sheltered, especially in the winter months, and carrying out maintenance operations that allow non-deterioration is essential for all sailing lovers.

Taking care of the storage of a boat is necessary to ensure optimal performance at each use. From the hull and deck, to the control panel and engine – the true heart of the boat – every component must be treated with the utmost care.

The owners of boats or rubber boats, at the end of the summer season, should always provide maintenance. This also includes a series of small interventions aimed at preventing even serious inconveniences. In this way, you can be sure to preserve the engine, avoiding much more demanding expenses in the future.

Highly specialized in boating, our staff has extensive experience in the sector and performs numerous services with professionalism and efficiency. We put our expertise and original solutions to respond to the different needs requested by clients. Many years in the sector and the continuous attention for the development of naval instruments, qualify our technicians for every type of operation.

Our innovations, always tested and verified successfully, are then regularly transferred to production. In this way, we guarantee our customers the certainty of very modern and reliable boats.

  • Agnano: shed for covered boats: 4,000 m2
  • Via Fedro: shed for staging dinghies in the open: 2,000 square meters

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